Announcing Lucky Devil Dust

2020 has changed things forever for all of us. But what it hasn't done is change my family's commitment to flavor. We've spent the bulk of this past year trying to bring something new and exciting to our loyal customers'.

tastebuds. We're pretty excited about what we've come up with.

Lucky Devil Dust

With the creation of Lucky Devil Dust we essentially "DUSTED" the very best flavors of our now famous bloody mary mix into a fresh, dry seasoning that is incredibly complementary to any ingredient or recipe.

  • Dry rub on a pork shoulder? YUP
  • Caught or bought a salmon for the grille? YUP
  • Eggs for breakfast? YUP
  • Add to your favorite chicken dish? YUP

Emeril Lagasse might have to switch his catchphrase from "Bam!" to "Damn!!!". We hope you get some here and let us know your favorite places to add some Dust.